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Afro Filmclub presents BAMAKO

22Nov.21:3023:00Afro Filmclub presents BAMAKOOur Voice und FAIRburg in Cooperation with Kommunales Kino

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Melé her husband is a bar singer, unemployed. They share with other residents the backyard of a house in Mali’s capital Bamako, which is also populated even chickens and goats roam the wedding parties and where the great washing day is celebrated regularly.

And in the middle of this colorful cosmos of African daily life a trial will be held in which representatives of African civil society bring an action against the activities of the International Monetary Fund and the development policies of the World Bank, the judge with their projects and plans, the country is based. However, during the process progresses tense with testimonies and speeches, life goes merrily on as usual in the yard. Here, the everyday shops mix with the otherwise muted sphere of exclusive courtrooms capital. – On brilliantly shows director Abderrahmane Sissako in contrast of trial and everyday life, such as the northern world is dealing with the southern.

„Abderrahmane Sissako goes much further than the hackneyed phrases about the weaknesses of globalization and the North-South divide, and supplies, artistically bold, one of the relevantesten films about Africa in general“ (ray film magazine)

Cannes 2006: Selection officiel; Rencontres Paris Cinema 2006: Grand prix du public
A Film by Abderrahmane Sissako
Mali 2006 / subtitles / 115 min. //


Our Voice und FAIRburg in Cooperation with Kommunales Kino

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