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29Nov.20:0022:00Afro Filmclub presents OTOMO

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The true story a black man seeking work and asylum in the German city of Stuttgart. However, all he finds is racism, police trouble and his final destiny.

The true story of Federic Otomo, an asylum applicant from Liberia made headlines in August 1989, in the city of Stuttgard. Federic Otomo was on his way home when he had his ticket checked during a tram journey. The ticket controller throws him out of the tram because his ticket is invalid, the situation escalates and Federic Otomo head-butts the controller and flees. He becomes a fugitive. He runs into a truck driver who is inclined to help him escape. When an attempt was made to arrest Frederic Otomo a few hours later, he stabbed two policemen to death, injured other three and was himself shot.

OTOMO is loosely based on the real-life incident of Federic Otomo. The film tells the story of what might have happened that day and raises issues confronted by African immigrants which includes racial profiling and institutionalized racism. Otomo is played by Isaach de Bankolé. Eva Mattes plays a woman hoping to help him escape. The film won numerous awards, including the Diversity in Spirit Award, Vancouver 2000, Best Film, Belgamo 2000, Best Actress, Valinciennes 2000 and a Kino Award. Directed by Frieder Schlaich, a German producer, writer and director.

Afro Film Club (an Our Voice Initiative) and FAIRburg e.V. in association with aka Film Club in Freiburg Presents the screening of the film Otomo.

About Afro Film Club

The Afro Film Club is a project run by Our Voice. An extension of presenting our voices in a visual format. The Afro Film Club will showcase African Films and have for discussion on the theme or topic presented. We are honoured to have our first screening at the University of Freiburg and hosted by AkA film Club.

About AKA Film Club
The „Academic Film Club at the University of Freiburg e.V.“ – aka aka Filmclub – was founded in 1957, making it one of the oldest student film clubs in Germany. A non-profit organization that offers students and staff of the University of Freiburg a varied and challenging film program at affordable prices at the university.

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