Neo-colonial ties and strengthened dependency

22Jan.19:0021:00Neo-colonial ties and strengthened dependencyOrganized by One World Network e.v in co-operation with Eine Welt Forum e.V. and FAIRburg e.V.

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Since Ghana became the first African country to gain independence in 1957 the vast majority of African countries witnessed their very own miracles in gaining independence from the early sixties. However, full African independence continues to elude the long awaited and promised sovereignty and autonomy. The dehumanizing acts of the colonizers took shape in the liberators running the now independent Africa. The decolonization of the African continent has been argued to be not as thorough as it should have been, which raises questions of the entrenchment of decolonization and independence.

The establishment of Neo-colonial ties between the former masters and their subjects has ensured the continued colonization of the African continent. This project seeks to exploit the gaps in literature in analyzing to what extent is Africa as a continent still colonized and to understand to what extent is Africa truly independent from the influence of former colonizers, also understand how entrenched is democratization and independence in the continent.

A qualitative methodology approach will guide the project to provide credible, substantial and quality work through the exploitation of both primary and secondary sources in literature. The study aims to address continental and regional structures of the causes of the regressive and dysfunctional African instabilities and disunity, to assist legislature in shaping understanding of common identity and unification with the decolonization of the mind and African literature.

1. Welcome of guests : Mr Khathutshelo Muthivhi (South Africa)
2. Introduction of guest speaker : Mr Khathutshelo Muthivhi (South Africa)
3. Presentation : Mr Jabulani Mashotha (South Africa)
4. Discussion : Moderated by Dan Amolo (Kenya)
5. Closure : Dan Amolo (Kenya)

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This conference was organized by One World Network e.v in co-operation with Eine Welt Forum e.V. and FAIRburg e.V.


To discuss this topic, we were able to win the time and interest of Mr Jabulani Mashotha. Mr
Jabulani Mashotha hails from South Africa, Limpopo. He studied Political science at the University of Venda in South Africa. Currently he is persuing his Master’s Degree in Political
Science at the Sabahattin Zaim University in Instabul, Turkey. He is very passionate about the African Economic Development.

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